Did you know that all glass jars and bottles, and most plastic containers are recyclable?

At Dalgen, we are fully aware of the impacts that our modern lifestyles can have on our environment; from pollution, to deforestation, water shortages and mass consumption. At the end of the day, we believe the responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint lies with each and every one of us. It’s all about taking small steps every day that become the actions that will undoubtedly contribute towards the positive and sustainable conservation of our beautiful world.

Not just for us, but for our children and the generations to follow.


In terms of sustainable packaging, glass is it! Glass is so versatile that it can either be reused time and time again, or recycled, over and over; all the while contributing to a decrease in waste production.

For more information on glass recycling and understanding the impacts it has on our environment and social structures, please visit the following website: www.consol.co.za


All plastic products can be identified by a little triangular symbol that carries a number from 1 to 7; usually found on the bottom of the container. This number helps the consumer identify the type of plastic that has been used. Understanding these number codes makes it easier for consumers to identify whether or not a plastic container can be recycled

For more information on understanding the 7 different plastic classifications and which of them should be reused and which should be recycled, please visit the following website: learn.eartheasy.com