About Us

In September 1994 Dalgen started out in a single garage at the home of the owner, with very little resources except a will and passion for packaging products ie bottles and jars with closures. Due to the survival mode, all sorts of bottles were traded. The then owner emigrated in 1999 and Dave took over the business which was still been run from the now overcrowded house.
Outstanding ServiceThe only human resources that came with the little business was a packer who is now still the storeman of Dalgen in Durban.

Today, from much larger premises in a industrial complex, Dalgen is still servicing from the home industry customers to large customers. 
Dalgen are the distributors for:

  • Consol Glass: For all glass bottles and jars, including pharmaceutical, food, wine and beverage industry   
  • Cinqplast/Cinqpet: For all plastic bottles and jars together with the closures.
  • Bevcap: For all the closures of the different sizes, colours and variety.

This enables us to be your one stop shop where you can get containers in glass and plastic and the closures. We also carry atomizers and pumps together with pilfer proof seals.

We have a showroom where you can physically inspect the products and get all your questions answered.

Please refer to the Services Page to get an update on the services that we provide.

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